All men contain several men inside them, and most of us bounce from one self to another without ever knowing who we are. - Paul Auster


More people should spend time reading mathematics in their spare time. It's the only discipline I know of that helps people develop an intuition for symbolic conspiracy theories and as the volume of symbolic information increases this skill is going to become more useful and necessary. One could even argue it's a necessity today.

In the future, the difference between effective groups and ineffective ones is going to be determined by how well such groups can distinguish between propaganda/conspiracy theories and facts that are aligned with reality. The alternative is getting mired in synthetically generated narratives completely disconnected from reality, e.g. GPT-3, stable diffusion, etc. So word to the wise, learn some math. Basic set theory and category theory are very easy to learn. Same with propositional and quantified logic. A few hours a day is all it takes.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. - Lao Tzu